Custom Blending

We can use your formula or create one specific for your needs. With our extensive history in the chemical industry we can always find a solution to meet your needs even if its not our own.

Liquid/Dry Blending

We have the capability to blend solvents, glycols, ketones, aliphatics and more at our facility. Blending dry products with liquid products is available.

Hazardous / Non-Hazardous

Regardless if the end product is hazardous or non-hazardous we have the capabilities to blend it safely and efficiently. Then package it into the correct container in sizes from one quart cans all the way up to 550 gallon totes.

SDS / Product Review

For each new blend we check the components that go into making it. For any new products we perform a "New Product Review" to ensure we can safely handle the product. Our team will also create a new SDS based on the components and provide it to the customer free of charge.


Our dedicated HAZMAT trained employees work to ensure that the product is packaged and shipped in accordance with all local and federal regulations from OSHA and DOT. We incorporated green light, red light static electricity ground indicators into our operations 15 years ago. We continue to look for ways to ensure the safety of our employees, our community and the environment.


We can deliver the blended product on our own fleet of truck and tankers, with our friendly and knowledgeable drivers. Or we'll be happy to load up your truck or tanker. Common carriers are also welcome and we maintain a list of approved common carriers.

A La Carte

We give our customers complete control. They can select to use their own containers, products, labels and bill of ladings or we can provide it all.

Private Label

We can use your label or we can create a custom label for your product with your logo and branding for containers as small as quarts to totes.


We can package the product for you and store it in our 45,000 sq/ft warehouse facility. Shipment of product can be scheduled as needed by Lot#.


We can provide shipping to your customers via our private fleet of trucks. We are also happy to load your product on a common carrier or your own truck.

Value Added

Being able to offer a complete solution from packaging to delivery. We are able to provide a complete value added solution not offered by other companies.


With our large vendor list we can source your product locally reducing the freight cost. We can than pick it up and package it, typically within a day turnaround.


Common products include many different solvents and blends. Common corrosive products include Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid. There are also numerous other products.


Our dedicated drivers are annually trained in the latest best practices for trans loading safely from our containers to our customers containers. We also assess each location before approving delivery.


The telemetry devices are connected via a cellular network and are accessible 24 hours a day. We monitor the tank level daily to ensure our customers don't run out of a product and schedule deliveries accordingly.


We can fill your tanks or provide you with tanks under a contract aggreement. This allows our customers to get the benefit of getting a tank without the upfront cost associated with one.


Our excellent sales team along with operations have worked with many wonderful customers to bring mini-bulk capabilities to their facilities. We would love to have the chance to do the same for your company.


Most deliveries are made by our trained and experienced employees. Other deliveries are made by our approved vendors which undergo annual safety and operational reviews.