Our History

Events in chronological order

Company History

Charles George Whinfrey Jr., ex-Navy lieutenant and graduate of Cornell University, founded Producers Chemical Company in Aurora in 1963 following a successful sales career in the chemical industry with PennSalt Co. in Philadephia, and later with Great Lakes Solvent in Chicago. What began as a one-man operation quickly grew into a thriving business, providing industrial chemicals and related services to customers throughout northern Illinois.

Company Establishment


Charles G. Whinfrey started his company like so many entrepreneurs, working out of the garage in his family home in Aurora.


New Homesite For Producers

In the past four years the company has grown tremendously. Which provided the opportunity to build a more suitable warehouse and office space in Batavia, IL. This allowed the company to expand in th future and provide better customer service.


Peter Whinfrey Joins the Company

Son of Charles Whinfrey joins the company to aid in customer acquisition and business development.


Roger Harris Joins the Company

Son-in-law of Charles Whinfrey joins the company to aid in customer acquisition.


The company continues to streamline operations internally by installing a terminal based computer system. No longer will bill of ladings be typed manually on a typewriter or customer information kept on index cards.

Company invests in a straight truck and semi-truck to help with continued business growth and to ensure customers get their orders delivered on time.


Peter Whinfrey and Roger Harris purchase the business from Charles Whinfrey. Charles pursues his retirement after successfully growing the business for twenty four years.


Expanding Operations

With continued business growth the company's dock space is expanded to add an additional four loading docs.


Producers Chemical Co becomes one of the first class of companies to pass a third-party verification for NACD RDP.

The company purchases adjacent land to increase outside storage and adds an additional two loading docs.


Joining The Internet Revolution

As customers are getting more of their information online it was an important for the company to also have an online presence.


Purchases Existing Business

The company purchases the Illinois Packaged Products business from PVS Nolwood Chemicals.


Website Update

The companies website is updated to keep in pace with technology advancements.



The company successfully completes Responsible Distribution Process Verification.

National Association of Chemical Distributors member companies are required to complete RDP as a condition of membership. RDP is designed for continuous improvement and includes twelve codes of management practice. The codes include: Risk Management, Compliance Review and Training, Carrier Selection, Handling and Storage, Job Procedures and Training, Waste Management, Emergency Response and Public Preparedness, Community Outreach, Product Stewardship, Internal Auditing, Corrective and Preventive Action, and Document and Data Control. NACD members must demonstrate management commitment, procedures and implementation of Responsible Distribution.


Roger Harris purchases the stock of Peter Whinfrey to become sole owner of the company. Peter Whinfrey continues developing his other business in creating environmentally friendly consumer cleaning products.

Founder of Producers Chemical Company, Charles Whinfrey passes away on March 29, 2005.


Jeff Szklarek Joins the Company

Jeff Szklarek, son-in-law of Roger Harris joins the company as the companies first Chief Financial Officer.



The company successfully completes third cycle Responsible Distribution Process Verification.

The company's website is updated again to take advantage of search engine optimization techniques.


New Location Purchased

Company purchases a building in Sugar Grove to retrofit for its operations. As the company continues to grow with the number of customers it services along with the number of products offered. The current facility in Batavia has served the company well for the past forty plus years but limited the expansion possibilities.


Retrofit and Move In

The company completed the retrofitting the Sugar Grove facility and moved operations from Batavia to Sugar Grove in March.

Congressman Hultgren toured our Sugar Grove facility in the summer.


Company celebrates 50 years in business!


NACD RD, Tanker Sleeper Truck & Website Update

The company successfully completes fifth cycle Responsible Distribution verification.

For the first time the company purchases a semi-truck with a sleeper that will be dedicated for tanker work only. The unit is equiped with a solvent pump and a blower to be able to handle many different types of chemicals. The company also purchased an insulated 7,000 gallon capacity stainless steel tanker.

For the fourth time the companies website is updated to accommodate mobile devices.



The old building and property in Batavia have been sold.


Tank Farm & Second Dedicated Tanker

The company's first solvent tank farm is completed in the fall. The tank farms contains ten 15,000 gallon stainless steel tanks in a dedicated diked area.

A second semi-truck with a sleeper is purchased and dedicated for the growing tanker loads.