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Hazardous Waste

Most companies generate some form of hazardous waste in varying amounts. The amount of hazardous waste generated monthly will determine how often it has to be disposed of. Producers Chemical Company has been helping business with their hazardous waste disposal needs for over twenty years. We only work with reputable waste disposal facilities. Our highly trained sales team helps hundreds of companies annually dispose of their hazardous waste streams in a safe and efficient manner. We would love to do the same for your company.

Contact your sales person or one of our highly skilled customer service representatives today to learn how we can help with your hazadous waste disposal needs.

For more information about hazardous waste please visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at

Hazardous Waste Services

Non-Hazardous Waste

We also can help your company with non-hazardous waste. We have recycling program that can help your company and its employees recycle batteries and light bulbs. Contact your sales person or one of our highly skilled customer service representatives.


By Sampling we can help your business determine the appropriate disposal method required for your hazardous waste stream.


Whether your company is small quantity or large quantity generator. Our team can help your company stay in compliance with Local and Federal Regulations.

Lab Pack

Easily and safely dispose of small containers of chemicals and industrial supplies in a single container.


Not all hazardous waste streams are equal. Some waste stream have the potential to be recycled back into a useable product.


We work directly with your company to ensure Manifests are accurate and generated in a timely manner prior to any scheduled pickups.


We only work with reputable and well established hazardous waste disposal companies that provide wide range of services.

Process Steps

Hazardous Waste regulations can be daunting. Producers Chemical has over twenty years experience in safely and reliably helping our customers with Hazardous Waste disposal needs. We know the process from A to Z.