At Producers Chemical, we realize world resources are not limitless. Our green initiative represents our commitment to continually looking for ways to reduce the impact of our company and products on the environment.

This initiative is two-fold; encompassing both our internal daily business operations as well as the implementation of programs and practices to help our customers become more eco-friendly.


  • We have reduced paper/ink/toner usage and waste by going digital.
    We have made a large capital investment in hardware and software to provide the data storage capabilities needed for digital document storage. We are continually seeking vendor support for digital documents (price letters, CofAs, MSDSs, etc.) and are asking customers to accept digital documents (price letters, CofAs, MSDSs, etc.).
  • We are using energy smarter.
    We have reduced our natural gas usage by lowering our warehouse temperature during winter to 60°F. We are conserving diesel fuel by implementing better route planning. And we are keeping our fleet of trucks current with all new energy efficient tractors to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

Recycling Programs

  • Approximately 10,000 steel drums reconditioned annually
  • Used plastic containers are sent to be fully cleaned and reconditioned or repurposed
  • On average, 104 cubic yards of cardboard, paper, and cans are recycled annually
  • 100% solvent line flush captured and repurposed

Visit our waste services section for details of our hazardous and nonhazardous waste handling and disposal programs.